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Over the years, Pat, has built a solid reputation as a professional who utilizes her talents to effect change in identified areas of need.

As a teacher, instructing inner city youth, her lessons plans had to be creative in order to facilitate the differentiated learning processes. Her position as a guidance counselor, involved the establishment of counseling interventions that appropriately addressed the needs of children and their parents in a warm, accepting and non-judgmental manner. 

When she directed a program for individuals with mental limitations, planning was always sensitive to their cognitive limitations but at the same time, embraced their presenting strengths. Pat's position as a high school administrator, serving at-risk students, further solidified the fact that underserved youth respond more effectively when you acknowledge them as individuals, employ consistency and meet them where they are emotionally and academically. Working as a therapist with children and adults, the treatment planning and implementation process had to be specific to the presenting problems and more importantly, client-centered. The chemically dependent population has afforded Pat a greater understanding of the difficulties this population experiences as they travel the road to recovery. Understanding and unwavering support are necessary treatment elements.

Pat conducts training sessions with diverse populations. Some of the topics she covers are: Team Building, Cultural Diversity, Sexual Harassment, Cultural Competency, Conflict Resolution, Capacity Building, Bullying, Self-Esteem, Parenting, and Behavioral Management. She also facilitates workshops for workforce development programs and trainings for substitute teachers. Trainings in other areas can be arranged as needed.

She is experienced in: marketing, fund raising, strategic planning, non-profit organizational processes, program development, project management and event planning.

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