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With over 25 years of experience, Pat Augustus Gilbert, M.Ed. has gained the knowledge and insight to develop MOYA®Making-Over Your Attitude from the Inside Out. Women who have engaged in this program have experience positive outcomes.

Homemakers, who have spent years raising successful children and now find themselves empty nesters, have found purpose with the MOYA® plan. Women who are simply overwhelmed with their numerous responsibilities and refuse to consider their unmet needs as paramount to their happiness and overall well-being have become rejuvenated with MOYA®. 

This is a totally comprehensive way for women to address the issues that impact their lives.

MOYA® is a self-improvement/empowerment plan for women. Attitude is defined as a state of mind or feeling and/or the manner in which one carries oneself. Many women are plagued with feelings of inadequacy about their lives. They can’t quite put in finger on it. But, they know something is amiss. They are not feeling fulfilled even though their lives are totally full. They are in a rut, but don’t know what to do to remedy the situation. They live in a house full of people and are surrounded by individuals on a daily basis, but they experience internal loneliness. They go to work every day, but it’s only a job. They love their significant others but they don’t like them. They bring home a paycheck every two weeks but have been unable to purchase a home. They know they need to see a doctor, but are afraid of what the doctor might find. They know they should be more assertive, but continue to allow people to over-power them. They know they should believe in a higher being, but can’t grasp the concept.

The purpose of MOYA® is to provide a simple plan that can result in a major change of attitude so one will be equipped with skills to do the things that make them feel fulfilled and happy.

The plan utilizes six principles that also form the Personalized Action Goals…PH=Physical Health, IS=Inner-Self, OA=Outer Appearance, FS=Fiscal Stability, SC=Spiritual Commitment & RE=Relationship Effectiveness. The Personalized Action Goals formulate the Individualized Plan which becomes the Roadmap to...

“Conquering Challenges & Living Your Best Life, Now!"


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